Phone or Videoconference Consultation

The Clinique et centre de chirurgie podiatrique is constantly striving to innovate to reach more patients and improve their daily lives. Virtual consultations expand access to a podiatrist's expertise and pain-relieving treatments.

If you have concerns about your feet or believe you need specialized care after a medical consultation, don't hesitate to request a virtual appointment with one of our podiatrists to quickly assess your situation. Remote consultation is the most convenient and effective way to get a professional opinion.

The Clinique et centre de chirurgie podiatrique stands out for its excellence in foot care and surgery, and is highly recognized according to the strictest criteria of Accreditation Canada. It relies on cutting-edge methods and treatments to provide the highest quality care to its patients.

Dr Zyad Hobechi, Podiatre

Virtual Consultations Can Identify Several Foot Diseases

Although some foot conditions require a physical consultation, many can be identified through remote evaluation.

This service is offered to patients who already have a diagnosis provided by a general practitioner or podiatrist, and who wish to better understand the most appropriate and effective treatments for quick and painless recovery.

After reviewing the medical records and assessing the physical condition of the patient, an initial evaluation can be conducted, and a treatment plan also suggested for those who have not yet been diagnosed.

For cases that require minimally invasive surgery, tests, such as an X-ray, will be conducted on-site at the clinic on the day of the procedure if they haven't been done beforehand.

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What are the benefits?

Our remote consultations, available via videoconference or phone, provide easy access to podiatry professionals without the need to leave your work or family. These options are especially beneficial given geographical barriers and time constraints that can make scheduling specialized care challenging.

Appointment at your convenience

No travel required. Flexible consultations in terms of time and place.

Private and secure setting

You will receive the same discretion and attention as in the clinic.

Immediate and efficient access

Get advice from your podiatrist in a few easy steps.

Tailored for you

Allows the participation of your doctor or foot therapist.

*It should be noted that this service varies depending on the doctor, the specific disease, and the required treatment.


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Simple steps to connect with your podiatrist

If remote consultation seems relevant to you, contact us so our coordinator can schedule your appointment.

During this meeting, just as in face-to-face encounters, you will be asked to describe your problem and its impact on your life. You can also discuss your medical history. Often, many concerns are resolved without the need for surgical intervention.

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Accredited by Accreditation Canada

We’re proud to be the first and only podiatry clinic certified by Accreditation Canada. This hallmark of excellence recognizes our compliance with the most stringent standards in terms of health, safety, and providing surgical and non-surgical services.