Foot bath recipes

Feb 6 | Dr Hobeychi

Do you need a soothing foot bath for your tired, sore and swollen feet? Do you wish to improve the look of your feet that may have become rough and dry? Do you need a simple way to sanitize your feet because of excessive sweating or because they tend to become infected and produce a foul odor? A simple homemade foot bath and its specific recipe may be a quick and effective solution. For each bath, start by filling a basin with about four to five liters of hot water prior to adding the ingredients. Do not hesitate to consult a professional for personalized treatment.

Bath to beautify and purify your feet

In warm water (preferably 38°), pour the juice of half a lemon, add 125 ml of milk and two tablespoons of olive oil. Mix it all up and lower your feet in the mixture. This bath will relieve tired feet thanks to the action of the three kitchen staples combined. Being a mild acid, lemon or lemon essential oil will help purify by producing a natural treatment capable of removing dead skin and thus reducing calluses on your feet. These thick and hard layers of skin that have formed on your feet will gradually disappear with the interaction of ingredients that will soften your skin. The olive oil and milk will perfectly complement the action of lemon, softening and hydrating your feet to make them much softer. For optimal effectiveness, it is recommended to do this foot bath about once a week.

Bath to cleanse sweaty feet

The sweating of the feet, which causes unpleasant odors and can produce infections, must be treated or at least relieved. An apple cider vinegar foot bath with astringent and antiseptic properties can then help you fight against the microbes responsible for perspiration, while also neutralizing odors. In the basin of water, pour a large glass of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of coarse salt. Fifteen minutes in this mixture once a week will allow you to fight excessive perspiration. If you don’t have apple cider vinegar, you can also opt for a tea-foot bath which, thanks to the tannic acid it releases, regulates perspiration and considerably reduces bad odors. You will then need to steep about four black tea bags in lukewarm water and enjoy this moment of relaxation as many times as possible during the week.


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Shooting bath for tired and sore feet

Do you spend a lot of time standing and feel that your feet are no longer keeping up? While foot fatigue can be very bothersome, a foot bath with fresh mint and Epsom salt should relieve, refresh and tone even the sorest of feet. Fifteen minutes in this bath will reduce swelling, eliminate impurities, but also, and most importantly, tone your feet. Add a handful of fresh mint along with a tablespoon of Epsom salt directly in the water and let it steep for a few minutes before dipping your feet in the mixture. You can also make a sage infusion bath, as this plant has the property of fighting against water retention which can be the cause of fatigue in your feet.

After each relaxing bath, remember to thoroughly dry your feet from the tip of the toes to the backs of the heels. Ending this pleasant moment with a foot massage with a mild oil such as sweet almond would be a wonderful complementary treatment for all foot problems.



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